by Kico Gonzalez-Risso

SLEEPWALKER is a mystery thriller about a murder that happened in the past. Stuart Walker's first wife, noted artist Samantha Walker, committed suicide five years ago by taking an overdose of her medication. She left a suicide note and was, indeed, buried, but her grave was robbed shortly following the burial. People have always suspected a local cult of pagan worshippers who have been known to rob graves, churches, tombstones and other sacred items during certain times of the year. Especially since Samantha herself was occasionally involved with this cult at one point in her life. Stuart was out of the country at the time, so no one could claim he had anything to do with his wife's death. Except Danielle, his second wife who sleepwalks and claims to see and talk to Samantha Walker. She has violent dreams about Samantha still being alive.

Into the scene enter Megan Blackwell - intent on buying the Walker collection for a New York gallery, and Curtis Shafer, an "art psychologist" bent on researching the reasons for Samantha's death by studying her paintings. Curtis finds clues in the artwork suggesting that Samantha Walker had a split personality and may have staged her own death. Sure enough, events begin to prove that Samantha Walker may still be alive - lurking about on the estate, planning her revenge.

First produced in 1992 by Gateway Theatre, Richmond, B.C.

Produced in 1993 by the Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver, B.C.

2 acts

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