Kico Gonzalez-Risso

A complete sell-out when first produced in Calgary, UNDRESSING THE NATION is a hilarious farce in the classical tradition of Feydeau and Sardou. The Aide de Compte to an influential government Minister is having a romantic tryst with the minister's secretary, when the head of a Royal Commission on government ethics walks in. As the lustful assistant desperately tries to cover up - literally - any hint of scandal, a tapping comes from the window. Outside on the ledge is the Minister himself. He has somehow managed to lose his pants and is attempting to sneak back into his office. Unfortunately he's picked a time when an obnoxious young journalism student visiting Parliament is trying to get a prize-winning photograph of "somebody famous".

First produced in 1990 by Lunchbox Theatre, Calgary.

1 act

Currently in a collection called THREE PLAYS plays by KG-R.

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