Kico Gonzalez-Risso

VOODOO is the story of three women - Donahue, Clark and Spud - who are working together on a mystery project. As they hammer, saw and put together the pieces of a large figure, the sound of voodoo drums grows louder in the background. Their work becomes more intense as they near completion because, at the same time, they are piecing together - through seemingly detached inner monologues - the frightening secret of the most cryptic man in their lives.

Three interweaving stories form the pieces of a haunting puzzle. As voodoo drums resonate, the women work together to construct what appears to be a giant doll. Each awaits the arrival of the one man in her life who introduced her to love, fear and blood rituals.

First produced in 1989 at the Vancouver Fringe Festival

1 act

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