Kico Gonzalez-Risso

When the northern minister visits the town of Wonderville, he finds that, despite receiving millions in government grants, the entire population seems to consist of two elderly people. Then a native land claims activist, a U.S. senator and a lost CBC crew arrive on the scene, and the result is scandalous.

WONDERVILLE (4 men, 3 women) is a farce about a northern town whose entire population consists of two elderly citizens. They run everything and seem to think that the rest of the town is temporarily indisposed with the flu. A government minister comes to visit, and is appalled to find that his government has been spending millions of dollars on a ghost town. Meanwhile, a U.S. Senator flies in to make a secret deal with the minister - just as a lost CBC northern crew unexpectedly arrives. As well, a native activist enters the scene seeking to claim the town for sacred burial ground.

First produced in 1989 by Arena Theatre, White Rock, B.C.

2 acts

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