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I have always grown up with dogs, albeit mainly stray mixed breeds that happened to show up unexpectedly and wiggled their way into our hearts.

My first "dog of my very own" was a pet shop cocker spaniel/poodle cross (or as the pet shop told my parents, a "purebred cockapoo"). Genie taught me a lot about responsible dog ownership but also, sadly, she taught me the hard way about bad temperaments, poor breeding practices and the fallacies associated with health and "hybrid vigor". Genie sadly left my side far too early from congestive heart failure.

Chico was officially my dad's dog, but he was the one I grew up with. As kids, he would do everything with us. He would pull our toboggan up the hill and fetch a tennis ball from dawn to dusk. I always wanted a dog that would play fetch, so I was determined to teach him. We believe he was a border collie/GSD mix and was abandoned as a small puppy on our property. When I left for university, I missed him terribly. After graduation, I moved back home and he and I picked up right where we left off. He would sleep with me and became "my old guy". He passed away on January 31, 2008 at the age of 15 years.

My first golden, Sydney (Ch Auroragold Sun on Sydney Lake CD AGN TD RE VCI CGN) came to me from Auroragold kennels in Red Deer, Alberta. She was my first competitive dog and shortly after acquiring her, I was bitten by "the dog show bug". Her and I have competed in Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Rally, and Tracking. She is now retired (though we still attend the odd trial to keep her on her game) and currently she is enjoying the title of #1 Best Friend.

Paige (Auroragold's Legends of Kohana RE CD CGN) came to me from the same kennel that produced Sydney and is out of Sydney's full littermate sister, Taiga. Paige is a bit softer and quieter than Sydney, but she also loves to work, so long as it involves a treat at the end. Paige has produced 3 litters of puppies for me, each consisting of 8 babies. Her first litter produced Pickle (Kohana's Bread and Butter RE TD CGN CCA) and she has shown lots of promise and competitive nature. Welcome to my website!