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Table of Abbreviations

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BL British Library Catalogue Online. The British Library was created on : Prior to this, the national library was part of the British Museum, [See entry for BM] which provided the bulk of the holdings of the new library (Wikipedia).
BM British Museum Library. The British Museum. Manuscripts listed under the BM in older books and catalogues are now held in the British Library (see BL): Archive material held by the British Museum Department of Manuscripts (usually with references beginning Add) and some other Museum records (before ) are now held by the British Library. Central Government records concerning the administration of the Museum, including various records of the Museum building, are held by the National Archives.
BNF Bibliothèque nationale de France.
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Budé Epistolae 1521 Epistolae Gulielmi Budaei regii secretarii. Basileae, In Aedibus Andreae Cartandri, Mense Februario, Anno M. D. XXI. [February 1521/22?] Online at [Reprint of 1520 Epistolae priores with different foliation.]
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Budé Epistolae Graecae 1574 Boudaiou Epistolai ellenikai. Budaei epistolae Graecae, per Ant. Pichonium [Antoine Pichon] Chartensem Latinae factae. Parisiis: apud Ioannem Bene-natum, 1574. [Latin translation of letters written entirely in Greek only.]
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DA/DAI Dissertation Abstracts and Dissertation Abstracts International.
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DLCR Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation [Subscription Service]. Available online at Click on Box saying Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation, The to see spreadsheet containing list of texts included. See also The Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts [Subscription].
DOI DOI or Digital Object Identifier: one way of providing a permanent online link to a book, book chapter or journal article; another way is with a PURL (q.v.)
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EEBO/TCP [Phase I texts were released into the public domain on .] For list of available texts see EEBO (Early English Books Online) itself is a subscription service. However, free access can be obtained if you are a member of the RSA (Renaissance Society of America). For more information, see
Ellis Ellis, Sir Henry, ed. Original Letters, Illustrative of English History. 1st ser. 3 vols. London: Printed for Harding, Triphook, & Lepard, 1824. 2nd ser. 4 vols. London: Printed for Harding and Lepard, 1827. 3rd ser. 4 vols. London: R. Bentley, 1846. Ellis III.ii.222 = 3rd ser. Vol.2, no.CCXXII.
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Fisher Opera omnia Fisher, John. R. D. D. Ioannis Fischerii, Roffensis in Anglia Episcopi Opera, Quae hactenus inueniri potuerunt omnia singulari studio diligenter conquisita, partim antea quidem studio diligenter conquisita, partim antea quidem excusa, nunc autem sedulo recognita, partim iam primum in lucem edita; . . . Adiectus est rerum ac verborum memorabilium locupletissimus index. Würzburg: G. Fleischmann, . Rpt. Farnborough: Gregg P, .
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Gangale Gangale, Guiseppe. Thomas More: Bibliofilia moreana. This website no longer exists but its contents can still be accessed using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine Libraria.htm. Some of the files can be found at the following unfinished website | Centro Internazionale Thomas More.
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Guildhall Library The Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section material has now been moved to the London Metropolitan Archives, with the addition of new archival reference numbers, i.e. the old Guildhall Library catalogue numbers are no longer recognised.
Google Books
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Index Translationum  UNESCO Index Translationum — World Bibliography of Translation. –Present Online at [The online bibliography covers the period from about / to /. For entries for earlier years see the individual printed volumes for each year.]
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Books XXVI and XXVII have also been edited by Denys Hay as The Anglica Historia of Polydore Vergil, A.D. 1485–1537. 3rd Camden Series 74. London: Royal Historical Society, 1950. [Latin text and English translation. Critical edition of manuscript version and early printed editions.]
PRO Public Record Office. The documents are now part of the National Archive in Kew (see entry), but the original catalogue numbers have been retained.
PURL PURL is a Persistent URL or Stable URL (same thing): one way of providing a permanent online link to a book, book chapter or journal article; another way is with a DOI (q.v.)
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USTC Universal Short Title Catalogue: A collective database of all books published in Europe between the invention of printing and the end of the sixteenth century. (Also includes access to IB17, 17th Century books published in Spain.) This is an important first step, but since it is based on national online catalogues for various countries, it sometimes omits locations of copies in other countries, e.g in the British Library.]
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