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Onchan Burials Index

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This index of burials at Onchan has been compiled from the “Official Copy” of the Onchan Parish Register, i.e. it is a copy of a copy. I would welcome any notification of errors or ommissions so that this index may be made as accurate as possible.

The index covers the years 1649-1849.


The dates given are as they appear in the Register, i.e. they are “Old Style”.
Before 1752 New Year's day was March 25th. For example, 31 December 1704 was followed by 1 January 1704, and 24 March 1704 was followed by 25 March 1705.

The original entry often gives additonal information such as residence. The father's name is usually given for child burials.

The listing has been split into several pages by surname.