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Cornelius Smelt, 1832

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Submitted by: Shirley C Hogensen
Date: 22 June 2003
Original: LDS: 0106247

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26     Malew
I Cornelius Smelt Lieut Governor of The Isle of Man do make my last will
as follows:
1.  I do appoint the Rev A. Crigar of Escrick in the County of York and
Cæsar Bacon Esquire of this island to be executors and residuary
legatees of this will.
2.  In the event of my demise during my residence in the Isle of Man it is
my will that the household furniture, household linen, horses, carriages,
cattle, wines, books, and all other articles composing my establishment
in the said island except such as may be otherwise disposed of by this
will shall be sold or be in any other manner made available to the
purposes of this will at the discretion of my executors.
3.  All disbursements that may become necessary to be made on my account in
conveyance of my death shall be defrayed out of the monies arising from the
disposal of my effects and from any other sums of money that may be found in
my possession at the period of my death and not otherwise disposed of by
this will or in any other manner.
4. I give ten pounds to the poor of Castletown and the Rev G. S. Parsons is
requested to distribute the same to such objects as he may judge to be most
in need of relief.
5.  I give to my grandson T. C. Goodwin my violin by Duke together with
the case and all my music.
6.  I give to my housemaid Alice Christian one years wages over and
above her wages to the end of the year of my demise at twelve pounds
per year.  I also give to the said Alice Christian the bed, complete, which
she has been accustomed to occupy during her service in  my family and
all my personal linen, flannels, and stockings of every sort.
7.  I give to Mary Anne Wade one years wages at 10 pounds over and above her
wages for the year of my demise and all my white handkerchiefs.
8.  I desire that a mourning ring may be presented to the Rev G. S.
Parsons together with the sum of five pounds, as a trifling memento of the
satisfaction I have derived from his humane attention to the welfare of the
poor of Castletown for many years past.
9.  I give to Philip Caley and his daughter Margaret my grand piano by
Broadwood for their judicious selection of sacred music at the -----
chapel at Castletown and for their regular attendance at devine service. 10.
I give to the widow of my late son John Smelt ten pounds to defray
the expense of her return home to her mother.
11.  I also give five pounds to the eldest  of the said widows sons by the
said last H. Smelt.
13.  I give to the above named Philip Caley my black and blue clothes except
my large blue cloath which I leave to Thos Boine Esq together
with a mourning ring as a token of my great regard and anyone of my horses
that he may think proper to chuse.
14.  As a small token of my respect and regard for the Rev Hugh Stowell of
Ballaugh I request that a mourning ring may be offered for his acceptance.
15.  I give to George Quirk Esq my silver ink stand with the Manx
                      Cornelius Smelt