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Turaglio McPherson, Barristers & Solicitors

Turaglio McPherson, Barristers & Solicitors, is an association of British Columbia lawyers and notaries Iris I. Turaglio and M. Todd McPherson practicing as sole proprietors.

Iris and Todd draw upon their collective experience to offer a broad range of legal services in the area of divorce, family law and family law mediation.

Iris and
Todd’s approach when initially consulted by clients is to determine and advise them of their rights and obligations, and to suggest to them the most expeditious and inexpensive way to resolve the issues between the parties. This usually means looking at possible settlement negotiations, from letters to negotiation or mediation between the parties.

Of course, if negotiations are fruitless or not a viable option for other reasons (such as risk of dissipation of assets), which is readily determined early on in the meeting or process, then Iris and Todd provide their clients with a clear understanding of the litigation process. In providing this clear understanding, Iris and Todd will explain the various options available, including an analysis of the costs (both financial and emotional), estimated time frames, effectiveness, and the chances of success for each option. Based on this cost/benefit analysis, the client is then able to determine the process he or she wishes to pursue, and Iris and Todd establish a plan of action. This is meant to lead to more successful and prompt results to their
clients’ cases.

Iris and Todd are committed to providing attentive, efficient service and representation at an affordable price to clients in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and beyond.

Iris is pleased to offer her legal services in Spanish and Italian as well as English.

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