Towed Underwater Video

Coastal Geoscience is pleased to announce the addition of towed underwater "High Definition" video to its suite of survey capabilities. This new system can be deployed from a small boat with the winch or hand held in shallower waters. It provides biologists, oceanographers, geoscientists, and others rapid bottom surveys in a powerful and cost effective manner.

A unique suspension system assures the unit is always horizontal and can also be used as a drop camera. Special low light color HD camera and lights provide an excellent image.

The system is operated with 180 meters of cable mounted on an AGO Environmental CSW6 electric winch. View of the bottom when towing is maintained by control of the winch and boat speed.  

New "Videograb"™ Video can be added to bottom sampling devices for “eyes on” sampling.  

DGPS on board navigation, GPS time, and user text is integrated with SD video and captured on DVD.

Special lasers, are visible within the field of view of the camera. This allows the user to determine the size of objects in the picture. The lasers project a calibrated area plot when the camera is mounted vertically. This is useful for rapid "on the move" quadrat surveys for biological productivity calculations.





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Squat lobster on the defensive


population densities

Glass sponge and squat lobster.




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