Chat Room Emoticons

Emoticons (also known as "smilies") are facial expressions made by a certain series of keystrokes.

To read some of them, you may need to turn them on their side. 

an angel/saint 0 :-)
a rose @>-->--
amazed, surprised, shocked, uh-oh! :-0 
big smile, wry smile or sticking your tongue out :-P
bye-bye (^^)/~~~
confused %-) 
crying (T_T)
dancing together :)(:
disappointed :-\ 
drunk :*)
frown, sad, boo hoo  :( 

frown, sad, boo hoo (with a nose)

hi! (^_^)/
hug ( )
laughing, big smile :-)))
laughing, grinning :-D
smiling, happy  :)        
smiling, happy
smiling, happy (with a nose) :-) 
very sad :(((
wearing glasses 8)
winking, joking, being sarcastic or flirtatious ;-)
winking, joking (-_^)
winking, joking  ^_*



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