A short howto on how to resize / partition  your hard drive with the Ubuntu install disk.

This only covers the patitioner portion of the install. ( the rest is easy, go for it!)


1. you have windows  installed on a single hard drive with one  partition, and that partition is formatted ntfs

2. you have the ubuntu hoary 5.04 install disk.

3. you have backed up all your data

4. you have defragged your drive

5. you know how much free space there is on your drive(right click drive, properties)

6. you have said your prayers =;)

lets get at it.....................................................

ok, you have done the inital install stuff now you are at the partioner.
choose manually edit partition table ( 'cause we know what were doing, right?)

now you can see the partitions on your drive. our test subject has one 60 gig drive, with one primary partition and some free space.  the primary partition is where your windows os is installed. the problem is that the free space is too small for ubuntu.

ok, so select the primary partition and hit enter.

now choose the size field and hit enter

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