West Howe Sound Community Association Directors Meeting Agenda
2011 Mar 7 Monday 7:30 pm at Janet's

  1. Call to order 7:30 pm& corrections to agenda
  2. Minutes
    1. Minutes of 2011 Jan 10 Directors meeting
    2. Minutes of 2011 Feb 9 General Meeting for review
  3. Reports
    1. Treasure's report - signatures, use of funds
    2. WHS Directors
  4. Correspondence
    1. Recreation/aquatic centre tax burden and accounting
    2. Brian Sagman Gambier harbour float replacement
  5. Unfinished Business and arising from Minutes
    1. Burnco gravel project update
    2. Granthams water system updates - distribution pipes; reservoir roof
    3. Cottage Farm land details updates;  MLA Simons reaction to mental health facilities
  6. 2011 April 9 General meeting, possible speakers
    1. Drainage update - delcan report and scrd bylaw changes; hillman property, etc  Is it working now, the future
    2. Solid waste management - recycling
    3. Wildfire Service ;  -interface forest fire; Fire Smart-
    4. PEP; diaster preparedness / neighborhood level
    5. scrd zero-based budgeting process; tax allocation for Area F
    6. mental health - current state and future needs
    7. Granthams wharf association
    8. Squamish Band Development
    9. Illegal dumping (good samaritan loads) inventory, distribute data through OPIS the SCRD GIS system, neighbourhood action and cleanup dumpsite and monitor site; community involvement
  7. other business
    1. North/Reed Roads traffic light construction; verification; public input
    2. Bulletin board Granthams, Hopkins, Langdale; /sandwich boards -location; fixed or moveable
    3. phone committee - help for Virginia Y, Jackie J, Margaret N
    4. poster distribution April 9 for general meeting; rotate between directors
    5. Eric Cardinall setup; signin table, member packages; contact info - email; guest agendas;
    6. Annual event/ community identity (Jason)
    7. SCRD Director Turnbull report
    8. Directors next meeting  May, 9,10,11 - location
  8. Motion to Ajourn 9pm