West Howe Sound Community Association Directors Meeting Agenda
2011 Sept 28 -   7:30 pm at Mark's

  1. Call to order; corrections to agenda
  2. Minutes
    1. Minutes of 2011 May 10 Directors meeting
    2. Minutes of 2011 June 21 General Meeting for review
    3. Minutes of 2010 October Annual General Meeting for review
  3. Reports
    1. Treasure's report
    2. WHS Directors
  4. Correspondence
    1. Green waste  SCRD report & Solid Waste Review/Implementation
      1. Recommendation No. 16   Green Waste Fee Options THAT the Solid Waste Management Coordinator’s report entitled “Green Waste Fee Options” be received;
        AND THAT this item remain as status quo for the time being; AND THAT staff work with Town of Gibsons staff towards finding an equitable solution;
        AND FURTHER THAT staff bring a report on their findings to a future Infrastructure Services Committee meeting.  Reply
    2. OCP Public Hearing letter

  5. Business
    1. Reed Road Traffic light - comments to highways; NW ditch covered in for right hand turn; timing
    2. Ferry pathway completed  - press release
    3. Langdale PAC Grant in Aid - no news yet
    4. 2011-12 Hall bookings - no other evenings available
    5. Oct 12  General meeting Michael McLaughlin Best Coast Initiative
    6. Oct AGM12; general meeting; directors - JS, stand for the term; annual dues Bylaw 1.b.
    7. Directors meeting 2011 Nov 7,8,14,15
    8. All candidates meeting Nov  7 Monday - book Hall; Conservation - Sechelt; Greater Gibsons - chamber; Gambier Island on Saturday.
    9. Recreational issues - what's the word, programs cancelled etc
    10. Syncronicity Festival - 1000 people, GIA for Hall
    11. Drainage action?

  6. Motion to Ajourn 9pm