West Howe Sound Community Association Directors Meeting Agenda
2012 March   7:30 pm @ Judith's

  1. Call to order; corrections to agenda
  2. Minutes
    1. Minutes of 2012 January Directors meeting
  3. Reports
    1. Treasure's report
  4. Business
    1. Capilano Highways about Hopkins Rd condition.  Commitment to repair of depression and possible funding for repairs during the coming season. Further action.  Brian Atkins, Thomas Chhun, Susan Cunningham (MOTI contacts)  Click here for document with reply
    2. Hopkins Wharf repair issues.  Click here for document with reply
    3. Eric Cardinall Hall acoustics.  Click here for document. No reply yet
    4. Esperanza Road access to Soames Park.  SCRD committed, by phone, to repairing potholes.
    5. Burnco.  SCRD planning dept. Referred for comments. Letters of support to groups applying for Public Participation Funding "Future of Howe Sound".  Letters from residents to Area Director
    6. March 13 cancellation of Langdale meeting.  Trustee Baxter, Langdale PAC.  Focus group for Langdale School and community.
    7.  April 11 General Meeting presentataion of OCP Zoning implementation 20-30 minutes by SCRD Planner
    8. SCRD letter FYI re: herbicide spraying by Capilano Highways on invasive plants to supplement mechanical control methods
    9. Sunshine Coast Volunteer directory and WHSCA contact information
    10. Chekwelp reserve roadway/path; Wakefield Builders Lien
    11. May directors meeting date
    12. June 13 general meeting - NHL playoffs
  5. SCRD Area F Director Report
  6. Motion to Ajourn 9pm