"Society Act" Certificate of Incorporation  No. S-28115 this 25th day of September 1991
West Howe Sound Electors Community Association (Name changed December 03, 1997)
  2. The purpose of the Society is to concern itself with all matters of community interest and development.  These interests include such matters as area water supply, education, cultural matters, industrial development, recreation facilities or any other matter which may from time to time be of interest to the community, an area in the community, or the members of this society.

  3. The operations of the Society are to chiefly carried on in the area of the Sunshine Coast Regional District which has been defined as "Area F" and which borders on Gibsons to the West, and includes the areas generally known as Granthams, Soames, Hopkins, Langdale, Dogpatch, Port Mellon and the areas located north and east of same, all in the Rural Route postal area of Gibsons.  This provision is alterable.


    1. Ordinary members shall be persons who are registered of have made application to be registered as electors of the Sunshine Coast Regional District in the areas in which this Association chiefly carries out its activities.

    2. The amount of the first annual membership dues shall be determined at the annual general meeting of the society.  Dues for less than a full year will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, using a fraction obtained by using the number of full months remaining up to and including the month of the annual general meeting divided by twelve (12).
  2. All members are in good standing except a member who has failed to pay his current annual membership dues or any other subscription or debt due and owing by him to the society and he is not in good standing so long as the debt remains unpaid.

  3. A member may withdraw from the Society on written application to the Secretary of the Society.  A member may be expelled from the Society for non-payment of dues, anytime after two calender months following the Annual General meeting.  A member will be dropped from the membership upon his of her death.  There will be no refund of dues.

  4. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in October of each year.  Not less than fourteen days' notice shall be given by the Secretary for all general and special meetings.

  5. Regular meetings of the Society shall be held on the call of the President, or on the request of the Directors, or on the requisition of 10% or more of the members in good standing, and on all occasions when required by law in compliance with the "Societies Act".
  6. Five (5) persons  shall constitute a quorum at any general or special meeting of the Society.

  7. One member shall have one vote, and only those members who have been in good standing for two calender months shall have the right to vote.  The use of proxies is not allowed.

  8. All expenditures of the Society over and above the approved in the annual budget shall be subject to a majority vote of the members approved at any general or special meeting of the Society.  The borrowing power of this association shall limited to one hundred dollars, and subject to the Society Act.

  9. There shall be elected a minimum of five directors, these to include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Alternatively a Secretary-Treasurer my elected to replace the two offices of Secretary and Treasurer, if the Society decides that one of the directors is able to fill both positions.  These directors shall hold office from the time of their election at the Annual General Meeting until the next Annual General Meeting following their election.  If a director resigns from office or otherwise ceases to hold office, the remaining directors shall appoint a member to take the place of the former director.  Additional directors may be elected, if required, and if such an addition is approved by the membership at a general meeting.  A director may be removed from office by special resolution and another director may be elected, or ordinary resolution appointed, to serve during the balance of the term.  There shall be no remuneration for the directors of this Society.
    1. The resigning President where possible, shall remain as a director of this Association for the year following his/her term of offices, and the newly elected officers shall designate the offices that each shall hold in the West Howe Sounds Electors Association, at their first meeting following the Association Annual General Meeting.
  10. The President, shall acts a managing director, and he, along with the Secretary shall execute all documents and papers requiring execution on behalf of the Society.

  11. The Vice -President shall shall carry out the duties of the President during his or her absence.

  12. The Secretary shall
    1. conduct the correspondence of the society;
    2. issue notices of meetings of the society and keep the minutes of all such meetings;
    3. have custody of all records and documents of the society except those required to be kept by the treasurer;
    4. maintain a register of members.
  13. The Treasurer shall keep the financial records, including books of account, necessary to comply with the Societies Act and render financial statements to the directors, members and others when required.

  14. The directors may provide a common seal for the society and may destroy and substitute a new seal in its place.  Any seal of the Society shall be held in the custody of the Secretary, and shall be affixed only when authorized by a resolution of the directors and then only in the presence of the persons prescribed in the resolution, or if no persons are prescribed, in the presence of the president and secretary.
  15. The books and records of the Society may be inspected by any members of the Society in good standing at or after any general meeting of the Society, at the place of business of the Society, without charge.

  16. These by-laws may be amended by a minimum of one month's notice of motion directed to the Society, and shall not be amended, altered or added to, except by an special resolution of the Society as defined by the "Society Act".  A special resolution means a resolution passed in general meeting by a majority or not less than 75% of the votes of the members of the Society who being entitled to do so vote in person.