Guide to Installing XDCC Browser Script with mIRC

This guide will assume that you have the latest version of mIRC downloaded and installed as well as having the default port of 6667

forwarded in your router and firewall. mIRC sorrowfully is Windows only software, and is not free costing $20 USD as of this writing

though the licence is good for all future versions, but may be freeley evaluated for 30days. The latest version of mIRC can be downloaded

from and it comes in many languages. For more information on its use download the which is excellent and

thorough. mIRC should be downloaded and installed to begin with. Next we need to configure mIRC to function as we need it.

So under Tools -> Options select DCC then choose Ignore

Ensure that Method: is Ignore only and that the Turn ignore back on in: is unchecked then press OK

Next choose DCC

When you choose Auto-getfile and you will get a pop up window

Choose Yes

Ensure Auto-get file and minimize are chosen and that Auto-accept and minimize (Optional) are also checked and press OK

Next choose Sounds

Uncheck Enable Sounds (Optional) press OK

Next choose Connect -> Options

Ensure Reconnect on disconnection is checked and press OK

Next choose IRC

Ensure that the Rejoin channel when kicked and Rejoin channels on connect opetions are checked and press OK

Next choose IRC -> Options

Ensure Hide ping?pong! event is checked and press OK

Next choose Other -> Lock

Ensure that under Disable that Get is uncheck and that under Disable commands: that Dll and Run are unchecked then press OK

Next you should exit mIRC and download and install the XDCC Browser script.

The XDCC Browser script, created by Yochai, can be found at

After extracting the files copy them to the root install directory for mIRC ie. C:\Program Files\mIRC\

Next run mIRC and hold down the Alt key and press R this will bring up the scripts editor's Remote tab

Under File choose Load

Choose under your mIRC directory the XDCCb.mrc script and choose Open

Next three pop ups will appear

Answer Yes to each one then press OK

To run XDCC Browser Right-Click on an open window

Choose XDCC Browser -> Browser then Leftt-Click

Next choose the Options tab and ensure that On start connect to all networks is unchecked

Under the Search tab try a search for a file

Note that you can choose your search method at Search in: drop box. I recommend requesting your file from all the pertinent results and waiting for the

some files to begin before deciding upon a source or sources. If you get this pop-up

I'd recommend ensuring that Always show this warning is unchecked unless you want to always be present to approve downloads.

I highly recommend reading the included XDCC Browser.doc for detailed explanation of all the included options.