useful ubuntu links

Resources & How To's
Unofficial Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) Starter Guide
Installing Ubuntu
Ubuntu New User Network
Windows to Ubuntu Transition Guide
Basic Linux Commands
200 Linux Commands for Newbbies
100 Linux Magic Files and Directories
Ubuntu Documentation
Ubuntu Document Storage Facility
Ubuntu Forums
Ubuntu Guide
Ubuntu Tutorials
Fresh Ununtu Podcast
apt-get / dpkg Primer
Install Anything in Ubuntu
Compiling from Source in Ubuntu
Ubuntu Search Engine
Gimp Tutorials
Linux Printing
Ubuntu Video
X Window User HOWTO
Ubuntu Podcast
Official Ubuntu Book
Understanding the Linux Kernel
Learning the Shell
Bash Shell Scripting Howto
Shell Scripting Tutorial
Install Wine
Masters of the Universe!
Concurrent Versions System
Adding Repositories in Ubuntu
Squash a Few Bugs
Linux Reference Card
Ubuntu Linux Resources
Debian Online Help
Back Up Linux
Back Up and Restore Ubuntu
Screen Shot Howto's
Compiling a New Kernel
How To Compile A Kernel - The Ubuntu Way
Ubuntu Customization Guide
Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

Ubunut Video HOWTO's
Ubuntu Networking HOWTO
Ubuntu Server Guide
Upgrade Ubuntu Dapper to Ubuntu Edgy Eft
Using Samba
Linux Device Drivers
Introductory Guide to Linux Basics
Linux Administration Made Easy
Managing Packages

Apps & Scripts
EasyUbuntu Script: DVD MP3 Flash RAR ATI/nVidia...30+
Automatix Script: DVD MP3 Flash nVidia...54+
Change Default File Manager in Gnome
Install nVidia's Drivers
Install ATI Drivers
Tweakers' HOWTOs Tamer
Amarok Music Player
Perl Audio Converter
Ubuntu Linux DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter Guide
Beagle Search
Evince Document Viewer
Install Truecrypt on Ubuntu
Mondo Rescue
Linux Par2
IEs 4 Linux
Pixel Image Editor
Geany Text Editor
Ding German-English Dictionary
Open Office Suite
EasyEclipse Software Development Platform
Binary Newsreader with NZB Support
HOWTO Install Flash9 in Ubuntu
Nautilus File Manager Scripts
Parental Control with GUI
Convert Your MP3's to Ogg Vorbis
Ardour Digital Audio Workstation
LiVES Video Editing System
Boot Up Manager (BUM)

Firestarter Firewall
Aptana Web 2.0 IDE

Tricks & Tips
iPod on Ubuntu
Back up your DVDs in Ubuntu
Find Hardware Details
Improve Performance in Ubuntu
Prepping Ubuntu for Everyday Use
Tweaking Grub Settings
Ten Ubuntu Noob Tips
Configuring Logitech Mice
NTFS read/write Support ntfs-3g
XP Access to Linux Ext2
Share Thunderbird & Firefox Data Between Ubuntu & Windows
Windows XP under Ubuntu Dapper
Asher256's Repository
Ubuntu Edgy Eft Complete sources.list
Automatically Schedule Applications
Active Directory and Ubuntu
VMware Server On Ubuntu
LAMP On Ubuntu 6.06 For Noobs
Ubuntu LAMP Server Installation With Screenshots
Ubuntu 6.10 Server (Edgy Eft) LAMP Installation With Screenshots
Run XP Apps and Games
Configure Dialup
GTK Wifi Aplet
WPA encrypted Wifi with Ubuntu
Enable WPA WAP
Web based VPN with SSL-Explorer on Ubuntu
Linux Wireless Networking
Linux Wireless Driver
Broadcom Wireless Cards
Roll Your Own Firewall
Setup Lexmark Printers
Step-By-Step Configuration of NAT with iptables
Install .rpm Files in Ubuntu
Installing and configuring FireHOL
Create Rescue and Recovery Disk
Use Windows to Control Ubuntu Remotely
SlingBox SlingPlayer
Advanced Tips and Tricks
Archiving and Compression
Turning Ubuntu into Kubuntu
MythTV Ubuntu Installation Guide
Install Myth Web
Convert CHM Files
Screen Resolution Howto
i915 Chipset Screen Resolution Fix
4 ways to Run Root Without a Password
Taking Backups Using tar
Virtualization With Xen
DOS Emulation with DOSBox
Access Your Music Collection From Everywhere
Software RAID 5 in Ubuntu
Accessing Windows Or Samba Shares Using AutoFS
Disable IPV6 to speed up Internet
"Start" Menu Button in Ubuntu

SSH On Ubuntu
Subversion on Ubuntu
Back Up/Restore With Ghost4Linux
Turn a Web Cam into a Security Cam
3D Acceleration in ATI Mobility Radeon
Create and Manage Virtual Machines Using VirtualBox

Desktop & Appearance
Changing the Ubuntu Look
XGL & Beryl
AIGLX & Beryl
XGL & CompositeManager
ClearType Fonts in Ubuntu
GNOME Desktop Basics
GNOME 2.2 Desktop Guide
GTK 2.x Themes
Rotating Desktop Wallpaper
Desktop EyeCandy
3D Iptable Connection Visualization
Alternate Desktop Managers