The Many Benefits of God's Grace
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The grace of God not only made me realize that I had been freed from the law of sin and death, but the understanding of it also affected my life in many other areas. God's grace totally transformed me in heart and revolutionized my thinking and my overall health. My family relationship changed. It changed my outlook on life, and on people. It had a tremendous impact on my work. It played a magnificent role in my confidence level. I learned the meaning of loving more freely. God's grace taught me how to accept myself and others for who I was and who they were. It set me free form all sorts of anxieties, fears and stresses.

The more grace abounded in my life the less I felt tempted, condemned and ashamed. The world no longer revolved around me. As I've grown in God's grace I have notice that one can be more open, sincere and honest with self and others. God's grace has also taught me not to be afraid of men, of their reputation or power. It has taught me to be fair and to be firm. There are just so many great benefits that come with learning about the grace of God. Along with the great benefits come great challenges, but I don't see them as a weak point anymore.

The understanding of God's grace allows for a more broad open mind. It leads to a tremendous hope of opportunities. God's grace doesn't keep one guessing or fearing the tomorrow, but it allows for exploring the possibilities of tomorrow and the future. Teaching adults and children about the grace of God will lead them to a motivating hope of the future. No more despairing about whether or not we should seek a better career, or education. Under the understanding of God's grace the doors of opportunity are wide open for everyone.

We can go ahead with those plans of traveling to exotic places we always wanted to visit and not fear their culture, their beliefs and traditions of people. We can go to places with a heart established in grace and not be afraid that some spirit of illness is going to take over our bodies and mind because we approach it all with an attitude of love instead of fear and religious mentality. Under the understanding of God's grace we become men, women and children of confidence. People who don't worry about whether or not is God's will that we go here and there and everywhere. We become more responsible people to serve, teach and touch all of humanity with the Gospel.

We are no longer under the control, mandates and condemnation of a religious organization that limits us in our thinking, in our actions and in heart. We are free thinkers, free people and free to enjoy and rejoice about all that there is in life. In fact, under the grace of God we are more motivated to do good than we ever did when we were under the bondage of religious doctrines. We begin to embrace, accept and acknowledge that the Gospel was meant for all people and no one was excluded regardless of the country they were born in and their religious beliefs. The Gospel of the Grace of God has no limits nor impossibilities.

It can change the heart of man to see God's unconditional love and heart. It leads a person into an honest and sincere relationship with God. It also teaches others that God is no longer angry with them and that they can stand before God with all of their filthy rags in total confidence and with thanksgiving. That God is not one to be feared, but one that can always be trusted and loved. That no matter how bad things look and how bad or good we've been, God remains faithful and true to His promise of "I will never leave you nor forsake you." "For as far as the East is from the West your sins I will remember no more."

Yes, my Friends, God's grace has not only abounded much more where sin abounded but it also affects every area of our lives in so many positive ways. Religion has never nor it will ever offer so many great benefits like the grace and peace of God does. I have talked with so many young people who had given up their visions of getting a better education, a better job, financially investing for the future and the possibility of ever getting married and having a family simply because some money hungry controlling preacher had told them that when Jesus returns they would have no need for any of those things.

Today many of them are in their mid 30's and very angry about the many lies and deceptions that religious organizations have manipulated them with. Just last Friday CBS with "Dan Rather" exposed how 2 Pastors of large churches, one in Texas and the other in Arizona (Terry Koontz and Ronald Randolph) had cheated their congregation of 3.5 million and 6 million dollars in stock market investments. In the name of God they told the people that God had told them for the congregation to invest their retirement money or savings into a sure stock market fund. The people were the ones left holding the empty bag while these 2 charlatan's had other plans.

God knows how many other pastors are doing the same with people's money. Friends, as long as religion continues to be the driving force of man, there will never be freedom in the heart of the people around this world. As long as people are looking to "give to God to get twice from God," religious people will never know the true freedom of grace and the great benefits of peace of mind, confidence of heart and unconditional love that only the grace of God can offer. If you are one of those who is reaping the many great benefits of the grace of God in your life, please don't return to the great bondage of religion. If the Son has set you free, then remain free.

Grace N Peace

Eddie Narvaez