2005 Family Reunion

Photo Gallery

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Some individuals had already started their trip home before this picture was taken

The Elders

Violet Rees, Joyce Striegler & Mac Brockman

A whole bunch of relatives

A whole bunch more relatives

Shoot the photographer

Shoot the photographer again

From left to right: Margie MacDonald, Lloyd Paskall, Violet Rees & Sheila Puskas

Debra Clausen

Maddy Herndl

Carly Zink

Bryce Lazar

Diane Brockman & Eric Naismith

Diane Brockman, Eric Naismith & wrong view of Rick Hendrickson

Eric Naismith

Graham Waller

Katherine Wilson

Katherine Wilson & Katherine Bozeman

Katherine Bozeman

Kristy Strause

Lesly Strause

McKenzie Carol Hendricks

Randy Paskall

Ron Garrett

Sheila Puskas

Christine (C.C.) Waller

Children at play

Katherine Bozeman, Judy & Don Wilson

Courtney Bolgin, Matthew Waller & Cailean Paskall

Bryce Lazar, Julie Paskall & Caleb Essex

Ginni Garrett & Judy Wilson

Tiffany, Benjamin & Charlotte Cooper

Mac Brockman. Wilf Herndl & Judy Wilson

Maury, Terry, Cinda & Sherry

Kristy Strause, Gini Garrett & back view of Ron Garrett

Christine (C.C.) Waller & Sandi Strause

Bruce Zink, Kelly Schmale & Caleb Essex

Curtis Cooper & Maddy Herndl

Ashley (Woody) Waller

Bryanne Garrett

Judy Wilson & Cinda Kohan

Phyllis & Wilf Herndl and others

Margie MacDonald & Lesly Strause

Bryce Lazar & Randy Paskall

Left to right: Greg Strause, Ron Garrett & Lloyd Paskall

Best view of Sheila Puskas and Greg & Sandi Strause

Sherry Strause & Sherry Gustafson


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