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The Books . . . 

If you have a keen interest in the aircraft finish and markings of either the Royal Canadian Air Force (pre 1968) or the Canadian Armed Forces (post 1968) or the aircraft operated by the Royal Canadian Navy from 1946 to 1968, then I strongly recommend the following books. 

These books are not a commercial venture - they are a hobby, with copies sold to cover cost of printing.  

Royal Canadian Air Force Finish and Markings 1947 to 1968

This book is designed by the enthusiast, for any enthusiast with any interest in the aircraft finish and markings of the RCAF.  All features such as roundels, flags, flashes, letters and numbers are all described in great detail within 290 pages (8 in colour).  Each of the types flown by the RCAF including: Albatross, Anson, Argus, Arrow, Auster, Bell 47, Boxcar/Packet, Buffalo, Canso, Canuck, Caribou, Chipmunk, Comet, Cosmopolitan, Dakota, Expeditor, Falcon, Freighter, Goose, Hadrian, Harvard, Hercules, H-21/44, H-34A, Labrador, Lancaster, Mentor, Mitchell, Mustang, Neptune, Nomad, Norseman, North Star, North Star C-5, Otter, Sabre, Silver Star, Starfighter, Stratojet, S-51, S-55, Tutor, Vampire, Ventura, Voodoo and Yukon are covered with a history of the type, plus drawings and photographs of all known schemes. Several government agencies aided in the creation of this book, taking years to complete.              


Canadian Military Aircraft Finish and Markings 1968 to 2004

Aircraft covered are:
Albatross, Argus, Aurora/Arcturus, Bird Dog, Boeing E-3A AWACS, Buffalo, Canuck, Caribou, CF-5, Challenger, Chinook, Chipmunk, Cormorant, Cosmopolitan, Dakota, DASH-7, DASH-8, Dynavert, Expeditor, Falcon, Firefly T67C3, Griffon, Harvard II, Hawk, Hercules, Hornet, HO4S, H-34A, Iroquois, Jetranger III, King Air, Kiowa, Labrador, Musketeer, Neptune, Nomad, Otter, Polaris, Sabre, Sea King, Silver Star, Skylane, Starfighter, Tracker, Tutor, Twin Huey, Twin Otter, Vertol H-21/44, Voodoo, Voyageur,  and Yukon.
All features such as roundels, flags, letters and numbers are all described in great detail. Each aircraft type has its own section, with a basic history and description of finish and markings used by each scheme, illustrated by drawings and  photographs.     


Royal Canadian Navy Aircraft Finish and Markings 1944 to 1968

This is the definitive Royal Canadian Navy, aircraft finish and markings book taking 25 months to compile. 

Over 400 drawings (59 in colour) and more than 600 photographs (47 in colour) illustrate the complete finish and markings history of all RCN aircraft.

Aircraft types include: Avro Anson V, Grumman Avenger TBM-3E, AS 3 Mk 1, AS 3 Mk.1/ECM, AS 3 Mk 2, AS 3M, AS 3M2, TBM-3W2, Target Tug, McDonnell Banshee, Barracuda Mk.II, Mk.III, Beechcraft Expeditor, Fairey Firefly FR.I, T.I, T.2, FR.IV, AS.5, North American Harvard, Sikorsky HO4S, Bell HTL-4/6, Piasecki HUP, Hawker Sea Fury F.10, FB.11, Sikorsky Sea King, Supermarine Seafire Mk.III, Mk.XV, Canadair Silver Star, Fairey Swordfish, Schweizer TG-3A, de Havilland Tiger Moth, Grumman Tracker S-2, CS2F-1, CS2F-2, CS2F-3, Supermarine Walrus Mk.I, Mk.II, Grumman Wildcat, Mk.V, Mk.VI and sundry types; Sikorsky Hoverfly Mk.I, de Havilland Sea Hornet, Hawker Sea Hurricane, Fairey Gannet, Blackburn Shark, Fairey Albacore, Hawker Seahawk. 

The ship section has details of the Canadian involvement and histories of: Fighter Catapult Ships, CAM-ships, MAC-ships, escort carriers, HMS Nabob, HMS Puncher, HMCS Warrior, HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Bonaventure and all other RCN vessels and bases to operate RCN aircraft.

Also included are details on the Air Groups, Schools, Flights and Squadrons of the RCN.

NOTE:  A very limited number of copies have been printed with ALL drawings rendered in FULL COLOUR! See the photos below for an example page with full colour drawings.

These full colour editions will not be available in stores and will only be available while quantities last!!


Example of page with 
full colour drawings.

Royal Canadian Air Force Finish and Markings 1947 to 1968 Volume II

This book is a companion to the original work published in 2003.  Contents include over 830 photographs not used in the first volume, plus an additional 75 photos in colour. 

Fleet-wide finish and marking features are described in a highly condensed format. For fuller detail, refer to the extensive coverage in Volume 1. 

All 46 aircraft types are included with condensed histories. For fuller detail, refer to the extensive coverage contained in Volume 1. 

Each aircraft type has its own profusely illustrated section with very detailed captions.      


To Purchase . . .

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