Freecloud Records


Facebook - Freecloud on Facebook
Edmonton Music Collectors Show - The Edmonton Record Fair which we attend and support
Calgary Music Collectors Show - The Calgary Record Fair which we attend as a dealer
SuperOldies - Reissues of Wes Dakus, Barry Allen and more - available at Freecloud
Spin Clean - The record cleaner of choice
Mad Bomber Society - Edmonton ska champions
Lee "Scratch" Perry - Dub it up!
Troyka - Edmonton late-60's heavy prog rock
The King Beezz - Edmonton mid-60's modbeats
DJ ZigZag - One of our favourite customers is also a long time soul/funk/r&b DJ
A plug from Chad Allen of Guess Who, Brave Belt and Let's Go fame!
Audio Ark - Audiophile Record Players and Systems
Kerrang! - Ten Second Epic photoshoot in house!