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Special Orders

Freecloud imports thousands of new releases and reissues on vinyl and CD. We have a network of distributors supplying us with new imports, rare limited edition pressings, high quality audiophile pressings, and domestic and international new releases and reissue LPs of every genre.

If you are wary of using your credit card on the internet, have been ripped off online or received damaged packages in the mail, let us do the work for you.

To make a special order with Freecloud or request information about a release, Contact Us by phone or e-mail and we will provide an answer and a price quote.

Here are lists of the latest upcoming new releases and reissue (pdf files):

September 29, 2017 Update

September 22, 2017 Update

September 15, 2017 Update

September 8, 2017 Update

Please note that new release dates are on Fridays.

To get these lists as a weekly e-mail update, send us an Update Request.

Our search service has access to record labels, major label and independent distributors around the world to locate hard-to-find music releases.