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Rainbow Man & his performing DOGS !!
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Family and Children's Show

     Bring an entire festival to your community. This show has everything kids and families love: Music, Magic and PERFORMING DOGS!
     Kids scream their approval at the end of almost every show the Rainbow Man performs. And why not...? He has entertained kids around the world (26 countries on 5 continents) with the distribution of the children's TV show Storytime. He sang all 16 of the songs he wrote specifically for the show.
     Despite his tremendous musical talent, his dogs invariably steal the show. His golden retrievers know more than 100 commands and are not the athletic competitive dogs one sees on TV. They are actors, performing in skits Ma has written just for them. Trained from the day they entered his home, one can easily see Ma's love for his dogs. They are a team that work together performing complex tricks. There is no animal abuse here, one can readily see the dogs smiling and wagging their tails throughout their enthusiastic performance. One adult remarked on seeing the show, "In my next life I want to be one of Ma Fletcher's dogs."
Ma Fletcher and his golden retrievers.

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Christmas Shows

Ma's Christmas Shows are in great demand by unions, golf clubs, community leagues and large as well as smaller companies. He has performed this show for the Edmonton Oiler families, Greyhound, the Edmonton Airport, Alcan Aluminum at Kitimat, Syncrude and Suncor Inc to name just a few.

The dogs enter dressed as Santa or Rudolph, dancing to recorded Christmas music. They proceed to do skits in several more costumes and everyone sings along on Christmas songs. Ma produces magical candy canes and gives stuffed animal prizes to his assistants from the audience. Everyone is in very good spirits by the time Santa arrives to give out his gifts.

Festivals and Fairs

You can't get a better drawing card for kids and families than performing dogs. Perhaps that's why The Rainbow Man has performed to date at 90 festivals and fairs, from Dawson City to Toronto.

Even when no dogs are normally allowed on site, Ma's dogs are recognized as actors, wearing performers passes, and are often placed in the programme. Except whey they are performing, the dogs are not kept on the grounds except when requested by the fair co-ordinators to shake hands and mingle with the kids. Being golden retrievers, they are absolutely docile.

While Ma's show is highly entertaining there are some subtle but very important messges within. Kindness to animals is one. Another is the anti-smoking message in which Barclay climbs up on Ma, pulls a cigarette out of his mouth and throws it into the garbage!

How you been naughty or nice?

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Children's Concerts

     Let Ma entertain your Kid's special events with his performing dogs. (ages 4-9) Or let Ma entertain your Kid's (with allergies) without his dogs. Ma has been seen on kids TV in 26 countries.
Fee $450-$750, depending on size, location etc.
Small Kids Birthdays in Edmonton - $150
Call 426-4155   See Ma's Biography.

Folk or Private Concerts

     Ma can play folk concerts, or come to your home for a private concert for friends and family. Ma will perform on guitar, sitar, sing folk songs, play instrumentals or sing-a-longs. Ma has performed in 90 festivals and fairs.
Fee: $650 for Christmas show with Dogs. Enquire about other events. Call 426-4155.
See Ma's Biography.

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