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Where can I find more information about health and physiotherapy?

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Physiotherapy Associations

PABC (Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia)

CPA (Canadian Physiotherapy Association)

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Health Resources

Health Canada has a wide range of health and nutrition related information

SportMedBC has a section of health related resources:

InTraining, an affiliate of SportMedBC offers information, running clinics, and getting started tips for people interested in starting a running program.

Orthotics Group offers custom orthotics

McRae Physiotherapy doesn't reccomend or endorse any specific provider of exercise equipment and materials (balls, bands, heat packs etc.).  For reccommended products, The Canadian Physiotherapy Association publishes a list of products it approves at:

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Other Resources 

Mission Chamber of Commerce has information about the city of Mission

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Health Canada has a wide range of health and nutrition related information
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Physiotherapy is an effective and cost efficient approach to pain relief and the restoration of your mobility and functioning.
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