Mike's Pond's

Pond Enclosure

This is an project to use old patio doors to enclose my pond/feature

Insulate pond under constuction

This is an ongoing project to be partly burried in my back yard
as an insulated, and hopefully racoon proof pond

Insulate pond under constuction ready for glass

I finaly got the box moved into my back yard ready to put the glass in

my large Shubunkin

This is one of my large Shubunkin's about 4 inches

Juvenile Shubunkin

One of my juvenile Shubunkin about 1 1/2 inches

Shubunkin in the corner

This is a shot looking into the back corner of the 27 gallon tank, in the reflection on the right you can see the intake to my Cascade external filter

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

This is one of my White Cloud minnow from my pond

a fuzzy photo of 3 of my guppies

This photo is distorted as it is croped out of a 16"X 24" photo

My Tall 20 gallon

This is my tall 20 gallon tank set up

New to me 75 gallon tank

I just got this tank on the weekend and got it set up just in time

My new 3 colour Koi

I was given this beautiful Koi last night

My Pond
I am working on a pond in my back yard as well as having some aquariums.
My 150 gallon Tub page
My Stacked Tanks
I am working making a stacked unit
. The 5 gallon on top will be a breeding tank, the 75 gallon is home to my Upsidedown Catfish,
and the 33 gallon on the bottom will be a plant propigation tank.
My fish.

Mike in S Surrey