The Boat

Ron had a dream. He would sail off to freedom and a life of leisure on the high seas. Free of daily pressures of society. He might even be able to do a little drug smuggling on the side if he needed money. He had worked at a boat factory already so he knew something about boats and he could build his own boat cheaper than just buying one. He found a library book with a full set of plans and instructions for a boat that seemed ideal for the purpose.

Sure there were a few problems with the idea but one shouldn't let nit picking practical concerns get in the way of one's dreams. He was living on a farm a thousand miles from the nearest ocean water and he had no money and no job and a family to take care of. The library book he was using was 50 years out of date.

He talked his father-in-law into buying some materials and tools for him to get started and got room in the farm quonset building allocated to the project. He scoured the countryside for resources such as scrap lead for ballast for the keel and an old tractor motor to drive the prop and generator.

The work was progressing nicely he thought after nearly a year of work. He had got the keel laid, spar ribs and the superstructure were starting to take shape when he ran out of money. He found that it would cost much more than he expected to cut a hole thru the keel for the prop drive shaft. The father-in-law cut him off from further funding and creditors were getting to be a nuisance. That was when the stuff REALLY hit the fan.

An argument with the father-in-law erupted into gunfire! The father-in-law was shot but surprisingly not really hurt bad. But Ron was thrown in jail. The wife filed for divorce.

Ron beat the rap, mainly due to the fact that the only other witness to the incident, the father-in-law, died from a heart attack while Ron was waiting for trial, but Ron was no longer welcome at home. At one point Ron tried to get a truck to take his dream out to the coast where he might have a chance to finish it but for reasons not known, the truck never came to do the job. Ron basically disappeared from the story here, presumably abandoning his dream. The in-laws were left with a half-built white elephant that no one wanted.

abandoned boat in shed

It was decided that since there was no prospect of selling or in any other way unloading the boat on anyone (having had several experts in to look at the boat with MUCH shaking of heads) that it would become a monument to Ron's dream. It would be set out by the road for all to see and wonder at (not to mention that that is the standard thing that farmers do with failed projects. ie. tow them to some out of the way spot for them to sit for years and quietly deteriorate). There was a nearby boggy spot by the road that fills up with water every spring and thus was of no use for farming or any other purpose. It would make a nice effect when the water rose and surrounded it perhaps making people wonder even more if someone seriously thought they would sail away into the sunset somehow in this little mud-hole. Maybe some kids would come to play and search for treasure spilled from the sunken pirate ship.

Ron's dream was unceremoniously tipped over to avoid the possibility that it would accidently tip over the other direction and damage the building which WAS valuable.

And dragged from the building

dragged past the old house

down the lane

And left in its new resting spot. Here was the picture from the road.

If you think this story is a bit difficult to believe, you can come see the boat for yourself. Come visit it 2.5 miles west and 0.5 mile south of Blackfalds, Alberta, Canada. 52°22.155N 113°50.760W