Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant

CPSC 312: Functional and Logic Programming (01.2005 - 04.2005)
Instructor: Steve Wolfman
Description: Principles of symbolic computing, using languages based upon first-order logic and the lambda calculus. Algorithms for implementing such languages. Applications to artificial intelligence and knowledge representation.

CPSC 304: Introduction to Relational Databases (09.2004 - 12.2004)
Instructor: Raymond T. Ng
Description: Overview of database systems, ER models, logical database design and normalization, formal relational query languages, SQL and other commercial languages, transaction processing, concurrency control and recovery.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

CPSC 219: Software Development Laboratory (09.2003 - 04.2004)
Instructor: Patrice Belleville
Description: Techniques for programming and software development, productivity and quality, including debugging and testing methods and tools, input techniques, software configuration, and scripting languages.

CPSC 152: Principles of Software Development (09.2002 - 12.2002)
Instructor: Paul Carter
Description: The design and testing of software. Program design: types, variables, subroutines; control structures and data structures; recursion; testing.
Ivan Minevskiy