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Arenosa a little background

      Arenosa was the farm name of the excellent 55 year breeding program of the late Audrey Barrett of Texas. Audrey worked diligently to improve her Shetland Ponies by breeding carefully and selectively to produce the small, double registered quality Arenosa stock. Audrey linebred 2 half brothers Kewpies Topper of Arenosa and Kewpie Doll Diablo to her quality mares. These brothers both were son's of Kewpie Doll's Oracle a 39" black and white stallion foaled in 1950. Kewpie Doll Oracle was a top sire "He certainly had the ability to transmit quality," Audrey Barrett said of Kewpie Doll Oracle. "To see him move was a joy to behold. He passed that down, too." Arenosa horses have influenced both the Shetland and Miniature horse breeds with their exotic good looks and natural movement. The Arenosa line is typically upright, with a long neck, clean throatlatch and beautifully chiseled heads.
The average size of the Arenosa ponies is 40". A few were small enough to be registered Miniature horses as well. FWF Charro of Arenosa is 32" tall and 100% Arenosa. Winnie the Pooh of Arenosa was a great producing mare that was 34" tall and 100% Arenosa bred. The X Man is a 100% Arenosa stallion that was standing at WA-Full Farms this National treasure is the grandsire of our own Q. Flabys Supreme is a 30" tall 50% Arenosa stallion. Kewpie's Paposa of Arenosa is a 34" triple reg. stallion bred by Audrey Barrett. Both Flaby Supreme and Kewpies Paposa have passed away recently. They will be missed.

We are proud to have owned direct sons and daughters of these Stallions. Arenosa bloodlines are producing National Champions now as they have had in the past. If you are interested in these bloodlines contact us for further information.

FWF Charro of Arenosa

Lust's Par Excellence 34"
AKA The Xman

Flabys Supreme
Flabys Supreme

Kewpie's Paposa of Arenosa 34"

KEWPIE Dolls Diablo
Kewpies Topper of Arenosa
Kewpie Doll Oracle

Winne the Pooh of Arenosa 34"
& black filly

Kewpies Monterrey of Arenosa

Lasca Kewpie of Arenosa 33 1/2"

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