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Crazy Quilts

My new passion is crazy quilting. I adore it. Here are some of the projects I have completed.

Butterfly Garden Ring Binder Cover

A lovely friend sent me a surprise package with the butterfly silkie and green satin fabric. I made a butterfly garden to honour the butterfly on it.
crazy quilt butterfly garden binder cover

Frog Alley Draft Stopper Door Quilt

We have a very cold draft from a room off the living room so I made a quilt to go over the door. A crazy quilted frog on a lily pad looking up Frog Alley. Why Frog Alley? The street we live on is known locally as Frog Alley because there were gazillions of frogs here before they filled in the swamp.
crazy quilt frog
Frog Alley draft stopped door quilt

Sock Knitting Bag

I have recently taken up knitting socks and I made this little bag, just the right size to hold the supplies for one pair.
crazy quilt sock knitting bag


Of course, I needed a workbox to keep my current goodies in. I had this lovely basket that I lined with silk dupioni. I made a lid for it with a crazy quilted top and its just the right size to keep the supplies for one project.
crazy quilt work box lid
crazy quilt work box lid

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