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Art Quilts

Art quilts are gaining recognition as "art". Years ago, when women were not encouraged to be artists, they turned to creating art embedded in quilts and other every-day items, which were considered an acceptable occupation for women. And today's women (and men) are taking it further as the art form becomes more widely accepted.

Blue Hand Dye Series

Blue glass art quilt Pink Flower art quilt

I Was Going To Be A Coat Series

Hearts on my sleeve art quilt Flying geese art quilt Rogers chocolates art quilt

Silk Fiber Series

Silk art quilt series silk art quilt series silk art quilt series silk art quilt series

Other Art Quilts

Portrait art quilt Avoidance art quilt After the Fire art quilt Stormy Sky art quilt
Sunflowers art quilt Butterfly Ball art quilts Textures art quilt

Lovie Quilts

Pam's lovie art quilt Michelle's lovie art quilt

Challenge Quilts

Future art quilt Arch art quilt Playing Tag in the Asteroids art quilt

Swap Quilts

Grabbag art quilt Moth art quilt silk feather art quilt fantasy fabric art quilt

Baby Quilts

Gabe's quilt Pansy Baby quilt Teo's Baby quilt Ann's Baby quilt

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