Motorcycle CargoTrailer

    This is a home built, hand crafted stylish unit for the Touring motorcyclist.
Computer designed with Autocad.
This is a 5th generation unit so is a well tested design.


    A tongue rest is standard equipment as are safety chains, and a 6 pole electrical connector. Cargo unit length is 61". This includes the nose cone which has a separate access lid, 12" x 18" opening and can be used as a cooler/separate storage area.

   An insulative divider is supplied installed (easily removable). This leaves approximately 42"x26"wx18"h  main storage area. This main storage compartment is also insulated and cloth lined to give a clean weatherproof storage area.

The main lid has three external rails which may be used as a carrier for those occasions when your tent is wet and simply don't want it inside the unit. I simply let it ride on the outside till it dries. [Hint;can also be used to bungee down just about anything].

The LED lights are considerably brighter than conventional incandescent and current draw is much less.

A full width aluminum bumper dresses and protects the rear.

A platform on the tongue serves as an extra carrier (gas can, cooler) or whatever, and especially functional as a road debris deflector to protect the front face of the trailer.

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