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All Prices Are In Canadian Dollars

                Deciduous Tree Foliage that looks like the real thing.   Foliage is very light and separates
                    and sprinkles with ease.
    1. Available in a variety of colors, textures and choice of large, small or x-fine package.
    2. Price:  Foliage Fine Large  17 cu. inch  (.80 oz) pkg  $ 13.00 ea.
    3. Price:  Foliage Fine Small  9 cu. inch (.25 oz) pkg  $ 10.00 ea.
    4. Price: Foliage X-Fine 9 cu. inch (.33 oz) pkg $ 13.00 ea
    5. Price:  Deciduous Tree Kits  $ 17.00 ea
    6. Price:  Tree Trunk Tubing   4 LF  $ 3.25ea
    7. Price:  Tree Branch Netting 1/8 oz pkg  $  5.50 ea
    8. Price:   Tree Trunk Coil Wire  33 LF  $ 1.25 ea
    9. Price:   Strand wire 10 LF  $ 1.00 ea ( when available)
    10. Minimum order for shipping: $ 30.00
    11. Will call orders: no minimum.
    12. Colors may be mixed.
    13. Full payment due prior to shipping.
    14.  Shipping, handling and taxes extra.
    15. All orders are shipped using Canada Post.  Please contact us should you prefer other arrangements.  All shipping charges, duties, taxes and brokerage fees (if any), are the sole responsibility of the recipient. (Any refused shipments that are returned to Mountain Pacific, recipient will be billed for all these fees going and coming.)
    16. PAYMENT:  cash, money order and cheque.  (NOTE: cheques must clear bank prior to shipping. $35.00 charge for NSF cheques.)   Orders will only be shipped upon receipt of full payment.
           Available colors:

MPS-3110 Leaf Green Small MPS-3115 Leaf Green Large
MPS-3120 Dark Green Small MPS-3125 Dark Green Large
MPS-3130 Deep Green Small MPS-3135 Deep Green Large
MPS-3140 Forest Green Small MPS-3145 Forest Green Large
MPS-3150 Olive Green small MPS-3155 Olive Green Large
MPS-3190 Medium Green Small MPS-3193 Medium Green Large
MPS-3180 Fairway Green Small MPS-3183 Fairway Green Large
MPS-3186 Dogwood Green Small MPS-3188 Dogwood Green Large
MPS-3210 Autumn Yellow  Small MPS-3215 Autumn Yellow Large
MPS-3220 Yellow Small MPS-3225 Yellow Large
MPS-3240 Light Yellow Small MPS-3245 Light Yellow Large
MPS-3310 Orange Small MPS-3315 Orange Large
MPS-3410 Autumn Red Small MPS-3415 Autumn Red Large
MPS-3412 Schubert Red Small MPS-3417 Schubert Red Large
MPS-3317 Tangerine Small MPS-3319 Tangerine Large
MPS-3420 Terracotta Small MPS-3423 Terracotta Large
MPS-3510 White Small    
MPS-3111 X-Fine Leaf Green MPS-3121 X-Fine Dark Green
MPS-3131 X-Fine Deep Green MPS-3141 X-Fine Forest Green
MPS-3151 X-Fine Olive Green MPS-3192 X-Fine Medium Green
MPS-3181 X-Fine Fairway Green MPS-3191 X-Fine Dogwood Green
MPS-3211 X-Fine Autumn Yellow MPS-3221 X-Fine Yellow
MPS-3231 X-Fine Light Yellow MPS-3417 X-Fine Tangerine
MPS-3311 X-Fine Orange MPS-3411 X-Fine Autumn Red
MPS-3413 X-Fine Schubert Red MPS-3426 X-Fine Terracotta
MPS-3511 X-Fine White    
MPS-4110 Branch Netting MPS-4120 Tree trunk wire
MPS-4130 Tree Trunk Wrap Tubing MPS-4140 Stranded Wire
MPS-5100 Tree Kit    Leaf Green MPS-5110 Tree Kit    Dark Green
MPS-5120 Tree Kit    Deep Green MPS-5130 Tree Kit    Forest Green
MPS-5140 Tree Kit    Olive Green    


Photo showing group of model trees of various size and colors.
Photo of small package on left and large package on right.
Photo displaying following Foliage colors (L to R) Dark Green, Leaf Green,  Green
Photo displaying following fall colors (L to R) Orange, Yellow.
Photo displaying following colors (L to R) Deep Green, Olive Green, Forest Green
Photo displaying kit package; includes instructions, wire, branch netting, tree trunk material and deciduous foliage.
Photo displaying Tree Branch Netting Pkg Product MPS-4110 and Wire  Product MPS-4120
Photo displaying Tree Trunk  Wrap Product MPS-4130
Photo displaying coil of braided (strand) wire MPS-4110

Photo displaying Fall Tree colors;  Autume Yellow & Yellow. Double click on photo to see larger photo    Photo displaying Fall Tree colors; Orange & Autume Red.   Double click on photo to see larger photo  
Photo displaying Fall and Spring  Blends of  tree colors.  Double click on photo to see larger photo
Photo displaying Tree colors; Dark Green & Deep Green.  Double click on photo to see larger photo
Photo displaying Tree colors; Forest Green & Green.  Double click on photo to see larger photo
Photo displaying Tree colors; Leaf Green & Olive Green.  Double click on photo to see larger photo
Color Chart colors may not be exact.
Photos below show several ways to constuct trees using wire.
Photo A :  trees using bright coil wire
Photo B :  trees using braided ( strand) wire

          Above photo 'A' shows progressive steps to building a tree using bright coil wire,  tree netting and foliage that gives a real look to your  model layout.
           - Kits for building these trees are available through us.   You may also use kits to make evergreen trees.
             NOTE:  all trees shown in home page photo, were constructed the same way.
           - Included in kits are: instructions, wire, branch netting, tree trunk wrap tubing and deciduous foliage.
           -  Makes approximately 12 trees.  Number of trees varies according to size, shape, etc.  For realistic
                     appearance, vary size and colors.   Every tree you make is perfect. 
 Above photo 'B' shows progressive steps to building a tree using braided wire, tree netting and foliage that gives a real look to your model layout.
Updated June 15, 2017