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28mm Miniatures Collections

28mm Miniatures Collection
Lately, I've been building a collection of miniatures for the Battle of France 1940 as well as for some other periods.

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Resources for Microsoft CFS3

CFS3 Attack in the West '40 Campaign for CFS3
This is a reformulation of the stock CFS3 campaign set between May and October 1940. Choose a career as either a fighter or bomber pilot for Britain, France, or Germany.

CFS3 Attack in the West '40 Aircraft
A collection of aircraft (some by me, some by other designers) that are either currently used in the CFS3 Attack in the West '40 campaign or that I hope to see built for CFS3 some day.

From Bitmap to Boom-and-Zoom in 60 Minutes
An Overview of gmax Aircraft Design for CFS3.

From Bitmap to Vroom-Vroom-Vroom in 60 Minutes
An Overview of gmax Vehicle Design for CFS3.

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