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Breguet 693 for CFS3

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Last Updated 07-Jul-2007

Breguet 693.AB2 for Microsoft CFS3. Adapted from an original model by Alain Breton. Textures by Philippe Gensou. The Br 693 suffered heavy losses in the Battle of France, reflecting the risky (but necessary) nature of their tree-top level approaches during bombing runs.

This page is intended as a quick reference to locate resources for this aircraft. In addition to the core model, you will also find a list of optional textures and stand-alones.

Core Package
Component Location Comments
Breguet 693 Vichy
Flyable version with Po-631 cockpit released with MAW v1.1.

Optional textures for use with the core package.
Component Location Comments

Stand Alones
Modifications of the core package that contain the model as well as a new texture.
Check each package for additonal component requirements.
Component Location Comments
Stand Alone #1 TBD TBD

Release History
Version Release Date Location Comments
Handoff from Alain Breton 24-Feb-2006 N/A Alain developed this model for CFS2. He graciously offered to provide me with the files so that I could develop it further.
Version 1.0 03-May-2006 See above. Non-flyable version. Intended for use with Battle of France campaign as random spawn in escort and intercept missions. Includes alternate AIR and XDP files to enable limited flyability and alternate defensive armament.
Version 2.0 TBD TBD Further refinements to v1.0, possibly to include virtual cockpits and detailed weapons models.