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Potez Po-63 for CFS3

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Last Updated 30-April-2006

Potez Po-63.11.A3 for Microsoft CFS3. Model by Craig Murray. Textures by Nigel Dickinson.

This page is intended as a quick reference to locate resources for this aircraft. In addition to the core model, you will also find a list of optional textures and stand-alones.

Core Package
Component Location Comments
Potez Po-63.11.A3 v1.0
Current release. Army cooperation and reconnaissance version. Includes detailed virtual cockpit, detailed rear machine gun, and optional under-wing MG pods.
File Name:
  TBD Potez Po-631.C3
Heavy fighter version.
  TBD Potez Po-633.B2
Light bomber version used by Greece and Rumania.
  TBD Potez Po-637
Interim army-cooperation and reconnassiance version used prior to introduction of Po-63.11..
AvHistory Gun/Weapons Pack AvHistory Standard guns and weapons from the Aviation History group.
French Gauges Sim Outhouse Required graphics files for virtual cockpit.
French Weapons Sim Outhouse Required weapons package for this aircraft.
CFS3 Nationality Expansion Kit ~ Redux Sim Outhouse Warning! File size is 27.6 MB!

Optional textures for use with the core package.
Component Location Comments

Stand Alones
Modifications of the core package that contain the model as well as a new texture.
Check each package for additonal component requirements.
Component Location Comments
Stand Alone #1 TBD TBD

Progress shot of Po-630/631/633/637. All four variants shared the same tail and wings as the Po-63.11, from which these models are being derived.

Release History
Version Release Date Location Comments
Project Start 10-Dec-2004 N/A My first attempts at model building.
Beta Test 27-Dec-2004 N/A Test version distributed through AvHistory forum.
Version 1.0 26-Apr-2006 See Core Packages Above Final version with improved cockpit and textures.