How to choose hair color
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When you select the actual color, always use skin tone and eye color to determine your tonal value and you will never go wrong.

Basically, skin tone range and eye color  fall into two major categories:

1. Warm, Yellow-red undertones skin such as:

Ivory, Peaches and cream, Creamy beige, Light golden brown, Cafe au lait, Tawny, Coppery, Deep golden brown, Golden-red brown

Eye Color:

Blue, Blue-green Hazel, Green, Topaz, Amber, Cinnamon, Coffee bean

2. Cool, Blue-red undertones skin such as:

Alabaster, Rosy pink, Rose beige, Light pearl, Light Oliver, Dark olive, Gray-brown, Dark brown, Ebony

Eye Color:

Light blue, Gray-blue, Gray-green, blue-green, Deep blue, Deep green, Brown, Black

Hair color options for Category 1 is:

Golden highlights, Golden with red highlights, Golden brown, Honey brown, Chestnut, Copper, Auburn, Mahogany, Warm tones of gray, Warm tones of White

Hair color options for Category 2 is:

Plum, Burgundy highlights, Ash, Platinum blonde, brown, Dark brown, Black, Slate, Salt and pepper, Pure white

Important: Please ask your hair stylist for best combination

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