Something about hair coloring

  • Most Grecian heroes had light-colored hair relying on harsh soaps and bleaches to lighten and redden their hair.    You probably could be convinced the fair haired heroes of Ancient Greece and Rome and would like to become one of their member.
  • In the 4th century BC it was written that the sun's rays were the best means of lightening a man's hair. It was described, that when hair was washed with an ointment (that was made in Athens), turned hair golden blonde when a man wound sit in the sun.  But fair hair was not the color of choice for all societies. First Century Romans favored dark hair produced by a black dye made of boiled Walnuts and leeks. Early Saxon men dyed their hair and beards blue, red, green or orange.
  • Durng the era of Elizabeth I, reddish-orange hair was in vogue for men and women in the days of Marie-Antoinette, pastel dresses prevailed. Hair then was heavily powdered in shades of blue, pink, viola yellow, and pure white, with each color having its own heyday.
  • Since the beginning of time, a women's hair has been her pride and her bane. Women spent long tedious hours with crude dyes and herbal compounds, trying to attain beautiful hair.
  • One day in 1907 a Paris hairdresser visited the Chemical Engineering Institute of the Sorbonne University. He sought the help of the chemistry specialists to satisfy the demands of his clients for a product that would cover gray hair with natural looking results. The professors' response was: "Too frivolous for our time and attention. But that was not the opinion of one of the students, who, with the foresight that was to mark his entire career recognized the business potential in the problem's solution.
  • The first safe commercial hair coloring was born in France in 1909 when French chemist Eugene Schuller created a mixture based on a new chemical. paraphenylenediamine This concoction became the foundation of his company. the "French Harmless Hair Dye Company " The name changed a Year later to the best known name in the beauty industry. L'Oreal From the beginning, growth of the company was steady. Continued success is based on the advanced and applied research of new product development, on the expansion into markets around the world and on the acquisition of companies whose products are of a quality commensurate with L'OREL's exacting standards.
  • To show how hair coloring has increased throughout the years let's examine the facts.  In 1950 only about 7% of American women were coloring their hair. Today that number has grown to more than 75% and is expected to increase even more as hair colorng improves and becomes less time-consuming and healthier for the hair. As more and more women, and men. go gray, hair coloring could become as common as a haircut.

Do you need to be blonde?

  • It happens to the Asian population as well, in late 1990's, hair coloring becomes a trend to uncover the beauty. The native dark hair of Asian people becomes a monotonous looking and never easy to stand out from a crowd unless you are highlighted by a distinct and matched hair color. Brunette and auburn hair color is general accepted among the society and yet blonde is still awaiting. But once you see the presentation from our Asian model, you will be impressed and vote for yes for blonde.

Not just a single hair coloring will offer you to become the Snow White.  You will need an advise and recommendation from a professional stylist to find a perfect match with your hair color, style and make-up.   Make your appointment now.

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