All About Hilary

Hilary is not (repeat not!) in residence at the White House; but, quite often, she can be found habituating IRC's Channel #41Plus, either on effnet or downstairs at undernet. The mother of a single-parent cat, Hilary is divorced and has no other dependents.

She lives in New Westminster, a suburb of Vancouver, (Beautiful) British Columbia, and after many years in social service administration, she is now trying her hand as an entrepreneur, as well as indulging her penchant for playing with words by (also trying her hand at) writing a book!

If Hilary were to write a personal ad describing herself it would probably be, and she might be on-line - even as you peruse these pages. If you would like to 'talk', or send her a Sticky Note, send her an e-mail, letting her know where to find you, and she'll give you a call. Computer Mediated Communication at its finest!

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