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Welcome to Hilary's Home Page! I am so glad that you stopped by, and I do hope you will enjoy your visit. A Home Page is for some people a 'vanity' licence plate, for others a 'fashion statement'. In cyberspace, we are not what we eat - but maybe we are where we URL!

In these pages you will find no lists (although some links may take you to lists), no forms to fill in and, because I am somewhat iconically challenged - and because I am sure you have encountered most of them elsewhere - very few of these:

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Many years ago, when I was somewhat young and foolish, I took a 'whistle-stop' tour of Europe. I kept a diary of my travels, supplemented by letters and postcards sent to family and friends, and recorded the images with my simple Brownie 126 camera. I still have the diary (although I shall not bore you by citing passages) - and the photographs (I am sure you are not interested in these either!)

These pages represent excerpts from the diary of my travels in cyberland. Some words, some images - and many asides. An exploration of the almost magical blending of opposites that this medium can create. On this 'whistle-stop' tour, I found images evoking memories of the past, words from the distant past triggering thoughts in the present, and the virtual present becoming a seedling of the real future.

The evolution of this page itself has been a function of those very same processes! There is a tempation to curse when one encounters an Error 404, but I don't do that anymore - I just brush up my Shakespeare See what I mean?

If you are one who believes that a picture is worth a thousand words, you might want to take a look at my photo album. But speaking of diaries, if you have not read it, I do recommend the Diary of Anne Frank. This used to be a link, but unfortunately due to copyright reasons, it has been removed from the server. You could however visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

One day, I found myself wondering why I subscribe to a newspaper and magazines when I can find more than I need to know at my fingertips. I must send a letter to Time, thanking them for letting me drop by to find out what I am missing in the unread issues of their magazine. I don't mind skipping the sounds of music, but I wonder what the cannons of the 1812 Overture would look like in a sound wave file!

I know that people are reading this - and they do return to see if I have added more! I am still fairly 'low-tech' and somewhat 'scriptically challenged'. But, having tired of the wonders of webcounts, I've removed the iAudit link from my pages (that should make them load faster!) My Un-Index is still your most reliable guide to entries in the Diary of An Accidental Tourist - at least until I get around to explaining all the additions! Many thanks to all who have dropped me a line to let me know they were here - especially to those who choose to travel "graphically-light" and whose browsers I hope I don't offend!

Thank you for stopping by -- and a special note to those who wonder about my Internet Traveller columns: yes, there are more (although I am no longer writing these columns, one of these days, I shall get around to webifying the more recent ones!)


Most recent entry: November 6, 1997

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