Well, sooner or later it had to happen! If his "real life" sleight of hand yielded a spoon-bending experience for you, then I'm sure you will want to visit Uri Geller on-line.

If you were wondering what you might be missing by not seeing "Mindbender", the film of the "amazing life story" of Geller, you can always download the preview clip that he offers!

From one of the smiling images on his home page, you are a mere click away from testing your virtual "inner forces of psychic energy" as you and your mouse locate the "hidden items of value" scattered across an image of the globe.

OK, I'll confess, my mouse could not resist - and we did find some; however, we didn't make it to the Strike Hall of Fame! But, will I be tempted to test my "psychic powers to bend a spoon across the internet"? I don't think so ... not even for the chance of winning $1,000,000 - mind you, he doesn't seem to have found the "special sponsor" he's seeking for this contest.

Then again, perhaps the sponsor is out there, but he can't send an e-mail after visiting Yossie Silverman's Handcuff Collection! It is quite an extensive collection - if that is where your interest lies. And don't forget to follow the link to The Incredible Adam 'Houdini' Act - although I am uncertain as to whether this page would meet the "decency" provisions of the recently passed U.S. Telecommunications Act.

But, speaking of showmen, did you know that Ernst Zündel has done "extensive research into the theory that UFOs are really Nazi airships flying reconaissance missions from a secret base at or near the South Pole"?

You can read all about it on Nizkor's Index of Zundel's Flying Saucers. Both a transcript of his pamphlet and large images of this material (including photos of "original German UFO prototypes") are available.

The popularity of this feature (strangely absent from the Zundelsite pages), might be due to the link from TIME/Pathfinder's "Netly News" item, Ping Time for Hitler, commenting on Deutsche Telekom's blocking German subscribers' access to Zundel's website - and to the pages of the innocent bystanders in Zundel's "net-neighbourhood".

Traffic on the "Zundel mirror sites" that sprang up throughout the web was very light. The few visitors who did make a "pit-stop" moved on down the highway after a quick glance at the "billboard". And the congestion Zundel was claiming on his own website, was very much eased when he finally took the advice of those who suggested that he remove the audio files from his Home Page.

Those who visited some of the mirror sites (audio files deleted), such as the first one established by Rich Graves, also found a link to the Flying Saucer Index. Perhaps there was a silver lining in this particular censorship cloud. Although I doubt that the businesses in Zundel's "net-neighbourhood" saw it quite that way.

A completely different silver lining may be found by those who visit the Ark Electronic Shadcenter. Visit this page to preview the men and women (orthodox and non) who are "waiting to board".

You can even get a one-month free trial membership. Just send in your photo and registration form. When an interested party wants to contact you, you will be notified. And when you have paid for a six month membership, the mail will be forwarded to you!

I'm not quite sure whether this concept will catch on. But the artwork certainly makes the page an amusing one to visit!

*Hilary Ostrov is a Chartered Webaholic, who lives in New Westminster, BC. When not busy "surfing the net", she is a consultant and educator who offers Internet "driving lessons", hypertext authoring and design of World Wide Web "Home Pages", and computer-related training. She can be contacted via e-mail ( or telephone (604) 525-3055

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This article was submitted for publication and appeared in the The Western Jewish Bulletin, Vol. LXIII, No. 7


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