Since I couldn’t be in Israel for Yom Yerushalayim, I did the next best thing - I took a "virtual tour" of the city! In the past, I frequently had to search for "The Lost URL’s of Israel". But an informal survey of today’s URL’s in Israel suggests that Jerusalem (very appropriately!) is rapidly becoming the capital of cyber-Israel.

The Jerusalem Mosaic Home Page, like most Home Pages on the WWW), will also let you know "What’s New". One of the new links I visited recently, is Yad Vashem. The photographs and testimonies on the "Anguish of Liberation" page are very moving.

Another new link, the Chagall Windows at the synagogue of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Centre is beautiful. Definitely a "must see"!

Oh, how do I know how new it is? Well, there is a nifty little "counter" on the page which told me that I was "visitor no. 101". These "visit counter" boxes seem to be popping up on many WWW pages lately.

So much for the "Lost URL’s of Israel"! But speaking of URL’s, you may have noticed that in the gobbledygook there are some "common" threads - as might be expected since "URL" is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator which, in turn, is a fancy expression for "computer address".

They all start with "http://" and most end with ".html". And if you happen to see any blank spaces in the text between the first "h" and the last "l", rest assured that such spaces are either figments of your imagination - or the work of printer gremlins. Every WWW-kosher URL will have the "://" (colon-slash-slash) followed by a spicy mixture of letters, slashes, dots and digits. But a slipped slash here - or a dropped dot there - will render it "treif" and it just won’t work!

And - in case you were wondering - MiXing-uPper-and-LowEr case is permitted ... but, the mixture must be exactly the same as the "recipe" calls for!

*Hilary Ostrov is a Chartered Webaholic, who lives in New Westminster, BC. When not busy "surfing the net", she is a consultant and educator who offers Internet "driving lessons", hypertext authoring and design of World Wide Web "Home Pages", and computer-related training. She can be contacted via e-mail ( or telephone (604) 525-3055

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This article was submitted for publication and appeared in the The Jewish Western Bulletin, Vol. LXII, No. 22

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