Each year at this time, we tend to reflect on our lives for the past year. As I look back on my "virtual life", I remember the warm feeling I had last Yom Tov, on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). I must confess that I was an IRC-addict before I "recovered" - and became a Webaholic!

There I was, sitting at my keyboard, exchanging Shana Tovim with "friends" from around the world. Rachel in Portland, Chaim in San Francisco, Ami in Houston, Shimon in Jerusalem, Shoshee in Australia (now in Israel), Dave in Buffalo and even Barry in Vancouver, too! I think, at one point there were about twenty of us on the "channel" - all typing Shana Tova!

Some of us knew we were "lantzmen" before then - but there were many exclamations of "I didn't know you were Jewish!" Well, it's not as easy to tell from the typing!

And I have made other friends - Jewish and non-Jewish - through monitoring the activities of the Shoah deniers on alt.revisionism. Believe me, it is often very unpleasant and disturbing reading. But there is a "bright side". While denier "posts" sometimes leave one gaping with incredulity, it is encouraging to know that articulate, informed responses (many of which are comprised of material from Ken McVay's Nizkor site) are also being read by the thousands of "lurkers" - those who read, but do not post.

My friend Shimon in Jerusalem sent me an e-mail, the other day, forwarding an announcement that Arutz Sheva, a " revolution in Israeli media; a Jewish radio station with a message of idealism, optimism and hope" would be launching a daily news service via e-mail - and a web page.

Shimon also "works" with me (and many others) as a volunteer on Nizkor. One visit to the "Zundelsite" - or to the alt.revisionism newsgroup - will be all you will need if there is any question in your mind as to the importance of this year being the year that we give all the support we can to Nizkor.

Shana Tova

*Hilary Ostrov is a Chartered Webaholic, who lives in New Westminster, BC. When not busy "surfing the net", she is a consultant and educator who offers Internet "driving lessons", hypertext authoring and design of World Wide Web "Home Pages", and computer-related training. She can be contacted via e-mail ( or telephone (604) 525-3055

Copyright © 1995 Hilary Ostrov

This article was submitted for publication and appeared in the The Jewish Western Bulletin, Vol. LXII, No.36


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