[]Is your computer keyboard gathering dust?

[]Do you still use your typewriter at least once a week?

[]Would you like to see your Home Page on the WWW?

[]Is a window just a pane of glass (or more than one a pain in the ..)?

[]Is HOME where you go at the END of the day?

[]If you saw a mouse would you be alarmed?

[]Are you mystified by macros, merges or menus?

If you answered YES to two or more of the above, it's time to consider the benefits of

myssiwyg*... Making Your Support Systems Improve What You Get

* Get the best out of your software. Don't let it take the best out of you!

* Learn to use the basics - or more advanced functions

* Individual or group coaching - tailored to your company's needs

* No time to learn right now? ... we can set up your pages, macros and templates, and show you how to use them

* For a consultation and demonstration with no obligation, call (604) 525-3055 and make an appointment today to see myssiwyg* work for you ... or contact Hilary Ostrov

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