Calling a Spade a Spade

(Life's Not a Bitch ... It's a Bridge Game)

A note to the reader: This book is still in progress and if I can keep myself away from virtual bridge games, I may well finish it. If you would like to be the first on your block to receive an autographed first edition, please do let me know. In the meantime, here are some 'reviews' of the first draft!

"...this guide to the 90's is an Ace..." Billy Club (recovering former star of the Policeman's Baseball League)

"...wittily written and illuminatingly illustrated...I used to burn rubber - but after reading this book, I cut it" Legon Diamond (brilliant inventor)

"...a book with depth that touches on so many levels..." Valentine Hearts (co-dependent Queen of the prom)

"... Finally, someone who tells it like it is..." Sam Spade (seeker of truth)

"...This is the definitive seven no trump solution..." Marla (a former wannabe Mrs. T.)

"...Bridging the troubled waters of duplicity ... meaningful dialogue for all ... double your pleasure and redouble your fun ...vulnerable no more. This book is a good deal..." Jack and Jill Duplicate (twins)

"...How to bridge the generation gap...Everything my daughter knows about Bridge, I taught her..." Lee Ostrov (author's father)

P.S. Sorry, but the full text of the book remains under cover at this time (after all, I am sure it will be my route to fame, fortune and my very own T1 line - or at least a 28.8 modem).

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Revised October 19, 1997
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