The Visit

My fingers dance across the keys while I weave a tapestry of words
Gathering my thoughts and viewing them through the prism of your glass
You saw me walking along the path and I smiled when I heard you call
Your voice rang out invitingly and you showed me the way
To Clearcreek

I savour the morsels of our virtual picnic away from the traffic of the highway
"A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou beside me in the wilderness"
A leisurely stroll of discovery, fingertips almost touching
I delight in my image of you and you, I hope, in my
Moonlit reflections

My eyes gaze through the window across the river to the mountains
Snow-capped immutable bathed in sunlight
And in my mind's eye you ski exuberantly towards me
The powder dusting behind you into the clouds
I wave and you smile

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Revised October 19, 1997
Copyright © 1995 Hilary Ostrov