Alla Nikonova, Ph.D.
Registered Psychologist, CPBC #1177

720-999 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC. V5Z 1K5

Tel: 604-328-0396
Fax: 604-738-4080

Dr. Alla Nikonova has treated a few thousand people in British Columbia over the past twenty-seven years while working for provincial and federal government, Employee and Family Assistance Program and in private practice. She has worked as a psychologist, mediator, crisis management counselor, clinical supervisor, human resources advisor, conflict resolution consultant and workshop presenter. She was awarded by the Board of BC College of Psychologists for distinguished service.

Dr. Nikonova was trained in collaborative couples counseling by Dr. Daniel Wile in Oakland, California. She has been successfully using this approach in her work with couples, parents and children, business partners, as well as in the course of mediation and conflict resolution at workplace. She completed a continuing legal education online training course in mediation at TWZ Enterprises in California.

Recently Dr. Alla Nikonova received training in meditation in the Middle Way Meditation Institute in Bangkok, Thailand. She also completed a meditation teachers training course in Semperviva Vancouver. She has been applying elements of meditation in her treatment of anxiety.

Dr. Nikonova provides counseling to people of all ages suffering from fears, persistent worries, sad and depressed mood, emotional instability, low energy and motivation, guilt, self-doubt, anger, impulsivity, grief, bereavement, ritualistic habits, excessive eating and drinking, strained relationships with partners, children, parents and coworkers.

In her psychotherapy Dr. Alla Nikonova integrates mindfulness-based concept of non-judgmental awareness with psychoanalytic insight-oriented strategy. She incorporates cognitive-restructuring and cognitive-behavioural models into solution-focused counseling.

Dr. Nikonova’s rate is $200 per session. Her services are covered by Extended Health Benefits. She provides counseling in English, French and Russian.