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113 45 17 W  52 28 22 N

The Observatory on Northstar



Here you will find a collection of Astronomy Photographs that I have captured from my backyard observatory. These were all taken by myself using various equipment and processing techniques that are readily available to the armature astronomer. The personal computer and digital photography have made it possible for anyone to take photos through a telescope.  Please have a look around and feel free to send me a note if you have comments or questions. If you would like more information on the hobby of astrophotography in central Alberta check out this Yahoo Group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/CAA-P/

The observatory houses a Celestron CGE mount. I utilize a variety of scopes depending on the subject that I am shooting. My current collection include a Celestron 11" SCT, a Celestron C10" Newtonian, an Explore Scientific 127mm ED and a Sky Watcher 80mm ED. While the C11 and C10 are used stand alone the two refractors are piggy backed.

I currently have a SBIG ST2000XM CCD camera and a Canon XSi which has been modified for astrophotography. The combination of scopes and cameras give me a variety of fields of view which allow for imaging many varying sizes of deep sky objects. Some of the images on the site were taken using the Canon and a Canon 135mm lens. This give a very wide field of view and allow for the photography of larger parts of the sky such as portions of the Milky Way.




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