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Why Pigeons ...?
By Nelson Paw
Pigeons! Ahh! What is so special about these winged creatures? Within the bird family, there exists quite a few species that Read Full Story >>>

The Paddy Cock Janssens
by Kevin Ball
This remarkable pre-potent line of Janssen pigeons, built around twin foundation cocks, The Paddy Cock and his Read Full Story >>>

Goodbye Champ
by Nelson Paw
The day Panorama Lofts closed in the summer of 2007 my good friend Kevin Ball gave me the honour of housing a Read Full Story >>>

A star got in the way
by Dennis McDermott
It is most unusual, especially these days, for me to be at someone else’s loft waiting for pigeons to arrive. I never really was one Read Full Story >>>

The story of S P Challenger
by Roland Zacharias
I’ve often thought that there should be more stories, just plain interesting stories, of our birds and the wonderful things they Read Full Story >>>

The story of Little Red Hen
by Roland Zacharias
My loft has moved five times over the years since I was a boy, with a few gaps of time in between when I was unable to keep my Read Full Story >>>

The evolution of ‘Squirrely’
by Frederic Drew
How did ‘Squirrely’ get her name? I was out in the breeding loft one day placing new shavings in and around the nest bowls that Read Full Story >>>

Tommy De Vera
by Nelson Paw
Tommy de Vera came back to pigeonsport in 1986 after he met his childhood friend Ben Tan Lee who was then acting as a director for Read Full Story >>>

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