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Surrey, BC, CANADA

Kevin's breeding loft

Kevin's pigeon loft for selected top breeders.
(photo by Grizzland)


Kevin Ball is one of Canada's most promising new flyers. Kevin's Panorama Lofts houses his famous Paddy Cock/Tommy Cock performance lines, as well as his Soontjens and Old line Janssens.

Both his Soontjens and Janssens are great speed racers that are unphased by the challenges of the toughest courses anywhere in the world. They have raced exceptionally well in Europe, USA and Canada. His Janssens win out to 500 miles. The Soontjens, aggressive middle distance front flyers, are at their best up to 350 miles but when crossed fly very well up to 500 miles too.

Although Kevin did not fly many 2004 birds due to the early year Avian Flu issue in BC, he had no problem at all winning with just the handful of flyers in his team. Kevin however intends to test more birds next year with confidence that they will do very well.

Below are Panorama Lofts Young Bird Achievements for 2004

4 x 1st, 3 x 2nd, 3 x 3rd, 4 x 5th, 2 x 7th, 6 x 10th, plus many more positions in top 20, racing versus up to 600+ pigeons

CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD LOFT (Surrey Racing Pigeon Club)

  • 1st CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD (VillageLad/Dreamboy lines)
  • 3rd CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD (Paddy Cock/Dreamboy/Kadet lines)
  • 4th CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD (Paddy Cock/019 lines)
  • 7th CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD (Paddy Cock/Witte Raaf lines)
  • 8th CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD (Paddy Cock/Village Lad lines)

    (The above awards are from a team of only 17 youngsters.)


  • 1st CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD - East Ontario Combine (Paddy Cock/ Witte Raaf lines)


  • 1st and 2nd Oshawa Gold Band Race 320 miles (Paddy Cock/Witte Raaf lines) (Paddy Cock/Village Lad lines). In this race, 1st & 2nd place birds raced to different lofts. 1st was approx 10 mins ahead of 2nd and 2nd was 10 mins ahead of remaining birds.
  • 1st North Penn Memorial Band Race (150 miles) (Paddy Cock/Witte Raaf lines)
  • 2nd Vegas Crapshoot Classic (260 miles) (Paddy Cock/Dikke Blauwe lines)
  • 2nd Mountain Pacific Derby One Loft Race (Docherty Cock/Paddy Cock/Dreamboy lines)
  • Money Winner, South Africa $1,000,000 Race (Paddy Cock/Tony Boy lines)

    Nelson Paw

  • Kevin's California Style flyers' loft

    Kevin's California Style flyers' loft.

    Paddy Cock

    The British "Up North Combine
    "Mons Hero" hit the double in 1922. "The Village Lad" made history again by repeating this remarkable achievement in 2001 against great competition. Only two other birds in the Combine's history have ever won both 1st and 2nd Up North Combine honours. "The Paddy Cock" belongs to that remarkable elite.

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